How to Plan a Corporate Summer BBQ with a Difference

Planning a corporate event can be stressful if you don’t know where to start, but a BBQ is a great idea if looking to organise your event in the summer. Whether it’s to boost office morale or you’re planning a fundraiser, a BBQ event is a fantastic way to create a good atmosphere and take advantage of the season, even if you’re hosting inside. Rather than sticking to the usual options, here are some ideas to help you organise a corporate summer barbecue with a difference. (more…)

BBQ Catering Surrey – Amazing Ideas for Your Event

When people come to us for Surrey event catering, we love sharing ideas, hearing about the new and innovative ways to make events as exciting as possible. Around this time of year, one of the most popular food options is BBQs, but people often fear they’re limited when it comes to making their menus exciting. Let’s face it, we’ve all had enough of frozen burgers and standard hot dogs by the end of the season which is why it’s so important to look for inspiration when thinking about menu ideas for your event. Here are a few suggestions to get your teeth into. (more…)

Top Food Ideas for Family Events This Easter

Easter is a great time to organise an event, whether it’s a large get together, family days out or outdoor activities to enjoy the warmer Spring weather. If you’re looking for event food to spice up this year’s Easter celebrations, here are some top tips to think about. (more…)

The Best Barbeque Ideas from Around the World

We all love a traditional BBQ, but there are times when chicken drumsticks and frozen burgers just aren’t going to cut it. Perhaps you’re organising a birthday barbeque or catering for a special event such as a festival. Outside cooking doesn’t have to be boring, and you can even match your menus to your event theme. One of the most popular ideas is to bring some international flavours into your barbeque recipes. With that in mind, here are some of the best BBQ ideas from around the world. (more…)

Why Grazing Stations Are a Great Alternative to the Traditional Sit Down Meal

Event catering is evolving, helping modern ideas grow in popularity and give you more choice when it comes to how you want to feed your guests. Many think that a traditional 3-course meal or a casual buffet are the only options when it comes to event catering, but there are some inspirational ideas we’re seeing emerge. Here’s why grazing stations have become one of the hottest event food trends. (more…)