When planning to feed the masses at a festival, it’s important to get it right. This means selecting a festival menu which will delight all the senses, create a buzz and add to the atmosphere of the event. Here are some things to consider.

Know Your Audience

At any event, pleasing those attending is about understanding who you’ll be feeding and the types of food or experiences they’ll love. Festivals are known for their relaxed vibe which is what makes street style food so popular, creating flavoursome dishes which are fast, small and served in an easy to consume way in the absence of traditional sit-down tables. Vegan food is also something which is a hot topic, so make sure you cater for the non-meat eaters among the crowds. Whatever your event theme, choose food which complements what’s happening on the day.

Offer Global Tastes

While at formal events guests tend to stick to safe menu choices they know and love, festival goers are often looking for different, new experiences. This means trying food from around the world, tasting the delights from other cultures. Think ‘chermoula chicken’ for a taste of North African cuisine or tasty ‘boerewors sausages’ from South Africa. From Asian BBQs to slow roasted Argentine meats (such as Lamb Al Asador), festivals provide the ideal chance to sample global foods which could become your new favourite dish.

Create Seasonal Food

Using seasonal ingredients in menus is a great way to reflect the type of event you’re planning. For example, dishes at an Autumn or Winter festival are often loved for being warm, artisan and wholesome, while implementing popular flavours from the season. This includes hearty meats, Christmas spices and a sweet treat in the form of mouth-watering hot chocolate.

Tell Food Stories

On trend, contemporary food options are a great way to create excitement at a festival and have visitors coming back for more. Street food is often at the forefront of innovation when it comes to food ideas, so it’s important to keep up with ever-changing demands for exciting new flavours, ingredients and textures. This year has seen a rise in more sophisticated street food, with consumers keen to know what’s inspired the food choices on offer. Explaining the history behind a menu is a great way to showcase the passion of each dish and the authenticity of a caterer’s cooking.

Looking for festival caterers?

Here at With Fire, we specialise in the art and theatre of cooking using smoke and fire, creating visual delights at events while serving up exceptional tasting food. Using locally sourced, seasonal ingredients, we’ll cater to needs of your event, whether looking for global cuisine or Winter festival flavours. Speak to our talented team for BBQ menu ideas and to find out more about the types of food suitable for your festival.

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