When planning an event, there are so many variables which determine whether it’s a night to remember or a damp squib. It can often feel like the pressure is on to find a theme which is perfect for your plans. Luckily, we’ve got some top tips for how to choose an event theme, wowing your guests from the moment they arrive to the time they leave.

Tip 1: Put Your Guests First

Putting the audience first is something many event planners fail to do, but ensuring your guests have a great time should be one of your key priorities. A party for 12 year olds is going to be very different from a corporate event, for example. Think about how your theme can help them enjoy themselves throughout, including when they’ll want to eat, whether you need structure with a timetable and how guests would enjoy being entertained.

Tip 2: Remain In-Season

The time of year should sway your decisions when choosing an event theme. A big garden party is not going to be suitable for the colder months, and likewise, a cosy ball with roaring fires won’t sit right in the Summer. You can take advantage of the season throughout your planning from amazing menus and event catering to selecting the best venue for the setting.

Tip 3: Don’t Forget about Your Aims

Always keep your aims in mind when selecting an event theme. Are you raising money for a charity? Is it a fun celebration for a big birthday? Choose a theme which will help you achieve your aims, even if it’s to keep a buzz going throughout a party or to impress your clients at a corporate event. A theme can set the tone, creating an atmosphere which is anything from relaxed and casual to professional and slick.

Tip 4: Stay Within Time & Budget Restraints

Be realistic about your budget and how much time you have to plan your event. If you haven’t got long, choosing a simple theme will help you to organise the day as efficiently as possible. Use the services of professionals who are used to working at events, including caterers, seating hire companies and the venue itself. Those who are experts at what they do will be able to act quickly to offer ideas which fulfil your needs.

Tip 5: Pick the Perfect Menu

Whatever the theme of your event, your guests will expect there to be great food on offer. Plan a menu which fits in perfectly with your theme. There are plenty of options and you can even wow your guests if planning a relaxed event. For example, wood fired pizzas or sizzling slow cooked meat in the Summer can provide a talking point as well as serving simple, delicious food which is in keeping with the event theme. Some of the best events even have the chefs cooking in plain sight of guests, injecting excitement into the day.

Got some ideas for your event theme?

Here at With Fire, we provide event catering with a difference, using the art and theatre of smoke and fire to wow guests whatever the occasion. If you’d like us to create a menu which fits in perfectly with your event theme, get in touch on 07825 533440 for a chat about your ideas.