It’s that time of year again when businesses up and down the country are planning their corporate Christmas parties, whether it’s finding the right caterer to join you at your venue, or organising an event which is going to entice your staff. Here are three mistakes you should always avoid when planning the food for your Christmas party.

Corporate Christmas party catering guides - three mistakes to avoidMistake 1: Serving mediocre food

Office Christmas parties are well known for several things, but serving up good food isn’t one of them. The thought of the same tired buffet or your average meal out just doesn’t cut it for many people, skipping the event altogether. One of our favourite ideas, which is ideal for festive parties, is group feasts, but we’re not talking about bowls piled high with crisps and sausage rolls. Imagine a banquet of delicious, slow-cooked meats which fall off the bone…roasted vegetables which have come into season…and impressive desserts which you can’t pick up at your local supermarket. The promise of delicious food options should get more of your staff interested in attending.

Mistake 2: Forgetting to create a buzz

Those who organise events often miss a trick when it comes to the food and entertainment, treating them as separate entities. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning a party just for your employees or you’re putting together an event for multiple organisations; there are plenty of ways you can use cooking styles to drum up excitement and add to the atmosphere of the night. This includes stunning presentations, live cooking and the use of fire and smoke to create sounds, sights and aromas which attendees will long be talking about after the event. We all know how essential visuals and scents are to the festive season, so the food can become a huge part in making corporate Christmas parties memorable.

Mistake 3: Not using a professional caterer

Nobody likes going to an event which feels like it’s a bit ‘amateurish’. It could get everyone talking about your Christmas party for the wrong reasons. Hiring a professional corporate caterer is an easy way to add the professional touch to proceedings, ensuring the preparation, presentation and serving of the food is timely, as well as wowing guests. They can even cater throughout the party to help with the sequence of the night, including melt in the mouth canapes, a sit-down meal or grazing stations where attendees can build their own plates. Structuring the evening around your food and caterer will get guests talking for all the right reasons.

Looking for a corporate Christmas party caterer? Speak to the skilled chefs at With Fire. We use the art of smoke and fire to create a buzz at your party while serving delicious festive food menus. We cover a wide area of the South East, including Richmond upon Thames, Oxshott and Weybridge. Get in touch for more information.