When you think of BBQ food, it’s easy to picture burgers stacked high and different meats sizzling on the grill, but with many people turning to more plant-based diets, it’s vital for this style of cooking to keep pushing the boundaries. In fact, with so many jumping on board the ‘Veganuary’ trend at the start of the year, foodies are looking for more ideas for the types of dishes they can create.

Many vegetarians and vegans miss out when it comes to delicious BBQ offerings, but we think there are some incredibly tasty options available which can be cooked over fire. So whether you’re planning a vegan BBQ or have guests who need a meat-free meal at your wedding banquet, here are some inspiring ideas.

BBQ catering guides - get inspiration for vegetarian & vegan BBQ food

Delicious Tasting BBQ Veg

Many people make the mistake of thinking vegetables are simply an accompaniment to a meal, and can’t stand alone as a flavoursome dish. If this is the case, you haven’t been creative enough with some of the gorgeous flavours which can be achieved, especially when vegetables are slow roasted. You can also marinade vegetables with many glazes which are commonly used for meat, producing outstanding flavours which your guests will love.

One of the ideas we use that goes down a treat is miso and maple roasted aubergine. The miso is a Japanese seasoning make from soybeans and has a salty taste. When you mix this with the sweetness of maple syrup, it makes a beautiful glaze, which is commonly spread over meat and fish dishes such as pork or salmon. However, it also works exceptionally well with vegetables such as aubergines as their size holds the stickiness well. Expertly barbecued and they will become deliciously tender and flavoursome.

Meat Inspired Vegetable Dishes

Another great idea is to replace your meat cuts with a vegetable product. Meat substitutes of the past have lacked flavour and texture, so it’s important to choose wisely when you’re looking for alternatives. One of our favourite ideas is celeriac steaks. Also known as celery root, celeriac is ideal for slicing into a thick steak shape and is a popular, scrumptious option for those who still want something hearty which can be roasted on the BBQ.

Another alternative is cauliflower cutlets. It’s a vegetable which can be cooked as a substantial dish and goes with many other spices and marinades to bring out some mouth-watering flavours.

Vibrant Salads

Don’t forget about creating salads which everyone is going to be piling high on their plates. This is an excellent accompaniment to any BBQ menu, especially if you use fresh, in-season ingredients. Why not create some themed salads for your BBQ, including ones with Indian spices, Mediterranean vegetables or even mix with some pasta for variety if you’re looking for a vegetarian option.

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