We’ve seen lots of rising trends in event catering, from innovative grazing tables to festival themed menus. But one of the most popular and flexible options for events is street food. Here’s everything you need to know, with some fantastic event menu ideas thrown in too.

Professional event catering guides - Street food ideas for any occasionWhat Is Street Food?

Street food is one of the most exciting elements you can add to your event, whether it’s a wedding, party, corporate function, market, roadshow, concert, sporting event, fair or other celebration. The idea of ‘street’ food comes from Asia, where standing in amongst the mouth-watering aromas, sounds and smoky atmosphere of street food stalls is a must-do experience, but the trend is now inspiring caterers all over the world. There are even dedicated street food events popping up where consumers can go and sample bites of heaven from lots of different cultures, giving them a taste of foods they may not have had the chance to ever try. The food is high in quality, delicious, vibrant and offers talented chefs and caterers the opportunity to put their own spin on various cuisines.

Cooking With Fire & Smoke

As our name suggests, we’re no stranger to cooking ‘with fire’ and smoke, and we love creating street food options for all different types of event. These elements are essential ingredients in what makes people feel so passionate about street food. It’s a cooking style which ignites all of the senses, which is why it causes such a buzz and brilliant atmosphere at events while also conjuring up feelings of relaxed, wholesome food you can enjoy and share with others.

Street Food Ideas for Events

One of the best things about street food is that you can tailor it to your event, allowing caterers to inspire you with menus ideal for your theme, venue, size and occasion. You can incorporate flavours and ingredients from all around the globe, whether it’s Mediterranean style salads, meats rubbed with local spices or fresh Neapolitan pizzas. You could even stick to one theme such as recipes from a particular cuisine, with Mexican and South American foods standing as two popular choices. Or why not think about lots of smaller dishes which people can put together as they wish, such as roast potato sides, pulled pork buns and delicious meats which fall off the bone?

Street Food Catering for Any Event

Street food can be served in both formal and informal settings, which makes it ideal for any occasion. For example, if you love street food and want to incorporate it into your wedding theme, lots of smaller dishes could be served to guests who can then build their own plate from the temptations before them. Or if you’re having a private party, why not invite your street food caterer to cook live and allow guests to attend the station themselves as they would at a festival, creating a real talking point.

Tailor street food catering to your event.

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