Use These Grazing Table Ideas for Your Event Catering

Event catering is something which has evolved over recent years. Throwing together an assortment of sandwiches and crisps across a buffet table isn’t going to cut it in most cases. Enter grazing tables. These produce an enticing display of dishes or smaller bites, usually grouped together in similar themes across a beautifully presented table. Think of a ‘hog roast corner’ or an ‘American burger bar’ with a look to match. They can even provide multiple platters piled high with treats which look as good as they are to eat. Not only do these tables create a great talking point but they also allow guests to ‘graze’ when they want to, building a plate of food they want to eat rather than one placed in front of them.

Here are some inspiring grazing table ideas for your event food. (more…)

Get Inspiration for Vegetarian & Vegan BBQ Food

When you think of BBQ food, it’s easy to picture burgers stacked high and different meats sizzling on the grill, but with many people turning to more plant-based diets, it’s vital for this style of cooking to keep pushing the boundaries. In fact, with so many jumping on board the ‘Veganuary’ trend at the start of the year, foodies are looking for more ideas for the types of dishes they can create.

Many vegetarians and vegans miss out when it comes to delicious BBQ offerings, but we think there are some incredibly tasty options available which can be cooked over fire. So whether you’re planning a vegan BBQ or have guests who need a meat-free meal at your wedding banquet, here are some inspiring ideas. (more…)

Our Event Catering in Hampshire

From weddings to corporate functions, it’s essential to choose the right caterer, finding menus which befit both the occasion and guests. We work across the South East, including event catering in Hampshire, providing delicious, exciting food which adds to the atmosphere of the day. We specialise in the art of cooking with fire and smoke, creating wholesome, melt in the mouth food and sharing dishes. Here are some of the events we cater for. (more…)

A Wedding Banquet at a Surrey Family Farm

When choosing wedding catering, the trick to achieving a truly special feast for your loved ones is to incorporate your dishes into the theme of the day. BBQs banquets and sharing platters are becoming increasingly popular, creating talking points for guests (especially if there’s outdoor cooking to enjoy) and a relaxed atmosphere. Not everyone chooses to book their wedding at widely advertised venues, making use of other spaces they have access to. This can help couples to remain as creative as possible when planning their dream wedding. Here’s an example of this idea in action, catering for a Surrey wedding taking place on a family farm. (more…)

Group Feast Ideas for Office Christmas Parties

Christmas should be a time to celebrate, whether it’s digging into some festive treats or having a well-earned rest with friends and family. For offices up and down the country, it’s also a time to blow off some steam and celebrate with an office Christmas party. If you’re looking for the best catering ideas, have you considered a group feast? Here are some of the ways this style of catering can help make sure your office party is a huge success. (more…)

How to Create a Banquet Style Wedding Breakfast

Non-traditional wedding themes and ideas are becoming increasingly popular as couples become more imaginative and want to put their own stamp on the day. We’ve seen everything from festival-style wedding food to grazing stations wowing guests in recent times. However, for those who still want that moment of sitting down together to eat as a large group, but also love the idea of sharing platters, a banquet feast could be the perfect option. Here’s how to create the ultimate banquet-style wedding breakfast. (more…)

Non Traditional Wedding Food – Create a Magical Summer Festival on Your Big Day

There’s a growing trend with couples to create something a little different on their wedding day, veering away from some of the more traditional themes and wedding food options you see time and time again. If you’re getting married in or around the summer months, a festival-style wedding is a fantastic idea to bring the spirit of the season to your celebrations. Here are some ideas to put together a magical summer festival for your wedding day. (more…)