Non-traditional wedding themes and ideas are becoming increasingly popular as couples become more imaginative and want to put their own stamp on the day. We’ve seen everything from festival-style wedding food to grazing stations wowing guests in recent times. However, for those who still want that moment of sitting down together to eat as a large group, but also love the idea of sharing platters, a banquet feast could be the perfect option. Here’s how to create the ultimate banquet-style wedding breakfast.

Discover tips & ideas for creating a delicious wedding banquet feast. Includes wedding food menu ideas, sharing food platters, choosing the right venue space & picking a wedding theme. Free advice from expert wedding caterer.

Perfect Feast Food

By working with a wedding caterer who loves sharing platters and innovative wedding food ideas, you’ll receive lots of inspiration for your banquet menu. Popular foods for this style of wedding breakfast including hog roasts with crackling and side dishes piled high in bowls to create that real sense of a ‘feast’. The presentation used should make the dishes easier for sharing, where people can dig in and create the plate of food they want from lots of different options on the table. Slow roasted meats are always a tantalising choice, as the meat falls off the bone and can be easily pulled apart and shared among your awaiting guests.

The Right Venue Space

This type of wedding breakfast doesn’t always work as well if you have many smaller tables, especially if you want everyone to tuck into what feels like a feast. In history, banquets were typically held on long tables, so this is a great idea if your venue space allows it, especially in outdoor areas, marquees or barns. It’s also the perfect idea if you have a long and narrow space to fill. Don’t worry if you only have the choice of round tables. Smaller sharing platters could also be placed in the centre of each one, so guests still get the informal food sharing experience you want them to have.

Pick a Theme

Wedding banquets create a great atmosphere in your venue, but so can a good theme. You can often match your wedding menus and venue to each other if using an experienced caterer who doesn’t just specialise in traditional wedding breakfasts. For example, if your wedding takes place in a large historical hall, you could create a medieval-style feast. Or if you’re going for an outdoor banquet, big sharing bowls full of zingy salads and sizzling, vibrant flavours is a great way to create a summer-themed wedding. Speak to your caterer about in-season ingredients and how to deliver a wedding banquet menu which fits your theme perfectly.

Plan Your Wedding Menu Now

If you’re looking for a wedding catering company who can provide banquet style menus and sharing platters, the team at With Fire would love to help. We specialise in the art and theatre of cooking over smoke and fire, so the food menus we offer are perfect for large feasts. We cover a wide area of the South East, including Surrey, London and Westminster and Chelsea. Contact us now to discuss your wedding breakfast plans.