There’s a growing trend with couples to create something a little different on their wedding day, veering away from some of the more traditional themes and wedding food options you see time and time again. If you’re getting married in or around the summer months, a festival-style wedding is a fantastic idea to bring the spirit of the season to your celebrations. Here are some ideas to put together a magical summer festival for your wedding day.

Wedding catering experts - how to create a magical summer festival

A Laid Back Atmosphere

A festival style wedding isn’t just for those who love attending them but for anyone who wants something a bit more laid back on their big day. This type of wedding is great for helping guests feel more relaxed, offering an alternative to some of the events you may have attended in the past. Use music and food to create a real buzz on the day, allowing your friends and family to mingle, chill and unwind. Your guests will love throwing themselves into the celebrations, especially if you choose a theme within the festival such as ‘summertime’ or food you love, including gourmet burgers, wood fired pizzas or an international twist such as American food.

Worried about Rain?

One of the main concerns many couples have with any type of summer wedding celebration is the weather. We all know how unpredictable the Great British summer is. One minute you can have bright sunshine perfect for an outdoor wedding, and the next, you’re grabbing an umbrella as the rain pours down. If you’re planning a festival style wedding, consider venues which allow you to use a marquee tent. Experienced wedding caterers will understand how to set up in a variety of environments, so you can still create a festival vibe, even if it’s raining. In fact, sometimes it’s easier to decorate a marquee in the style you want, including bunting, lights, wildflowers and rustic touches. There will also be extra warmth if your festival style wedding is being held in colder months.

Informal Serving

One of the best ways to achieve that relaxed atmosphere you look for in a festival style event is the informal serving options for your food. If you’re trying to create an alternative to the usual sit-down wedding breakfast, why not choose ‘grazing station’ style food in which guests can dip in and out, building a plate of food with as much or as little of the different options as they want. This takeaway style is going to help your guests to break the ice, talk about the food on offer and feel more at ease. You could even go for a pig pan option such as paella with fresh seafood or chicken, which is really easy to serve and has guests coming back for more.

Planning a festival style wedding?

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