Christmas should be a time to celebrate, whether it’s digging into some festive treats or having a well-earned rest with friends and family. For offices up and down the country, it’s also a time to blow off some steam and celebrate with an office Christmas party. If you’re looking for the best catering ideas, have you considered a group feast? Here are some of the ways this style of catering can help make sure your office party is a huge success.

Office Christmas party catering - create a sharing feast for your staff

Why Throw Your Staff a Christmas Party?

Christmas also marks the end of the year, so it’s often a time to look at what’s been achieved and the direction you’d like to go in the year ahead. For businesses, staff have often put in a lot of time and effort over the last 12 months to meet their goals, so throwing an office Christmas party is a great way to thank them. Showing your appreciation for everything they do can help to motivate them and give a positive end to the year. However, many office parties can struggle to encourage people to attend, with many tired of the same clichéd options time after time. So, one of the best ideas is to provide a refreshing twist on traditional options and surprise them with something a little different, which will get staff attending who wouldn’t normally consider it.

Choosing Sharing Feasts & Platters

If your staff are tired of the usual bowls of crisps, nibbles and cheesy music, spice things up with sharing feasts. It’s an excellent way to help everyone let their hair down a little, break the ice and provide talking points. Sharing platters from an expert caterer keep that informal feel you want while ensuring attendees feel they’ve been treated to something special. One of the things many people miss about the warmer months is barbecued food, which is why you often see a surge in popularity of hog roasts on festive stalls and at Christmas events.

Festive Menu Ideas

When it comes to the style of catering or sharing platters you want for your staff, there are plenty of options to choose from. You could even base the theme of your office party around your menu. We’ve seen with wedding banquets how dishes such as hog roasts with crackling and delicious sides can be piled high on platters on long tables, for example. You could even set up your office party in-house rather than hiring a separate venue if you have the space. A good caterer can also incorporate seasonal flavours into your chosen menus, so speak to them about festive options. In December, ingredients such as apple, chestnut, cranberry, clementine, dates, pear, pumpkin and turnip are really delicious, not to mention an array of meat options.

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