When people come to us for Surrey event catering, we love sharing ideas, hearing about the new and innovative ways to make events as exciting as possible. Around this time of year, one of the most popular food options is BBQs, but people often fear they’re limited when it comes to making their menus exciting. Let’s face it, we’ve all had enough of frozen burgers and standard hot dogs by the end of the season which is why it’s so important to look for inspiration when thinking about menu ideas for your event. Here are a few suggestions to get your teeth into.

Take a look at our BBQ ideas for Surrey event catering. Includes adding twists to your BBQ menu, incorporating cooking into the event & creating grazing stations. Why using a professional BBQ caterer will enhance your event.

Add a Twist to the Menu

We’re so used to seeing the same food at BBQs that you can usually predict what’s on the menu before you get there. This is okay for an afternoon in your own garden, but what if it’s a special occasion such as a big birthday party, wedding or even a corporate function? It’s important to add a few twists to your BBQ food, whether it’s interesting marinades you wouldn’t normally think about or side dishes which get everyone talking. One theme we love is global BBQ flavours.

Incorporate Cooking into the Event

BBQs are beloved for their interactive nature. It’s not about someone being cooped up in a kitchen and then bringing out the food to the surprise of guests. The joy of BBQs is watching food slowly roasting, hearing the sizzling sounds and the smoke and fire which accompanies it. Rather than worrying about whether your event will have the right buzz, use food to create a great talking point. Whether it’s seeing a whole meat roast over an open flame, beautiful looking salad stations or informal serving that helps everyone to relax, make sure you consider that every part of the food experience should be part of your event.

Grazing Stations

A really popular idea that’s making waves in the catering world is grazing stations. This is where similar food or drink items are grouped together, allowing you to give your BBQ more of a theme than with buffets. You can even arrange a chef-run grazing station to build interest from the moment guests arrive. Imagine a ‘pulled pork corner’ or ‘BBQ canapes station’ adding excitement to the day.

Using Professional BBQ Caterers in Surrey

While it can be tempting to put on a BBQ yourself, why not let a professional do all the hard work for you? Caterers who specialise in outdoor cooking and BBQs can enhance your event in a number of ways. This includes ensuring the timely preparation (and serving) of food, creating talking points and producing out of this world dishes which you wouldn’t be able to cook yourself without the expertise they have. They’ll use the freshest ingredients, cooking techniques which help meat to fall off the bone and make things look easy so you can enjoy the day and not have to stress about feeding your guests.

With Fire are a Surrey catering company with years of experience. We believe in using locally-sourced, authentic ingredients, adding theatre to our cooking by using smoke and fire to ignite all the senses. To book our services for your Surrey BBQ or to enquire about what we can do for you, call now on 07825 533440.