Whether it’s looking for an inspired alternative to traditional menus or choosing options that add to the atmosphere of an event, street food has taken the catering world by storm in recent times, found at anything from festivals to weddings. Here are just a few of the reasons street food has become so popular for event catering.

How can street food style catering enhance an event? A modern alternative to traditional buffets & sit down meals. Try food from across the world & build excitement at weddings, private parties, festivals & corporate events.

Modern Buffet Alternative

Not everyone wants a set menu or sit down meal for their event, but sometimes a traditional buffet just doesn’t have the structure you want. Street food has become the ideal alternative, allowing guests to have smaller, manageable portions of the food they want to try. Street food incorporates flavours from all over the globe, whether it’s South American delights or Neapolitan pizzas. It’s easy and flexible to build an event theme, draw in the crowds or offer incredible dishes to your guests. This style of food also adds authenticity to the recipes you’re sampling, especially if the business owner is the one serving you.

Amazing Event Atmosphere

The tone of an event is often created by how guests and attendees feel. Street food has a relaxed vibe, even if served at tables, helping everyone to unwind and mingle. It’s become a really versatile option for anything from corporate networking functions to parties – anywhere where you want to bring others together. Street food taps into the fact that most people have a love of food, bringing new and exciting ways to introduce, cook and present dishes to the masses. This style of catering also builds a buzz at an event thanks to the fact the cooking usually takes place before everyone’s eyes, so can be visually exciting, not to mention the sizzling sounds and mouth-watering scents achieved.

Cost Effective Menus

It used to be the case that if you wanted to try gourmet cuisine, you’d have to shell out at an expensive restaurant. Street food has opened up the market, providing high quality, delicious food that would be normally hard to get your hands on at a fraction of the cost. This helps make events more memorable, drum up excitement and create talking points both during and after the day. It’s often this social aspect of street food style dishes that makes them so appealing.

Quality Fast Food

One of the best parts about informal events is being able to get food quickly and easily. In the past, fast food was often synonymous with lower quality offerings, but times have moved on, meaning you can now get the best of both worlds. Try out of this world food within minutes or even seconds that doesn’t compromise on quality. This has made street food perfect for events, where grabbing a bite to eat whenever you want is an important element of what makes something like a concert, festival or party so enjoyable. It’s also a great way of minimising the queues, creating a constant stream of happy visitors.

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