One of the most enjoyable parts about organising an event is choosing the theme. Once this has been finalised, you can really make the day or night a success by ensuring everything from your decorations to your food complements the theme you’ve selected. While it’s often easy to visualise the best décor to express the theme of the day, choosing your menu can prove a little more difficult.

Here are our top tips to creating a food menu that’s going to make your event go with a bang.

Event food ideas - how to match your menu to your event or wedding theme

Colour Scheme

One of the simplest ideas is to think about the colours associated with your theme, giving you plenty of flexibility. For example, if you’ve chosen bright colours for a Summer wedding, you could think about incorporating vibrant Mediterranean vegetables, zesty slaws or spicy salsa side dishes into your menu. Or if you’re planning a nautical themed party, why not ask your caterer about the various seafood options they can provide such as paella and prawns, as well as how they can present the food to enhance the theme. You could choose white and blue napkins, for example, and crisp white plates, so that the colours match your décor.

The Tone of the Day

Your event food can help define the atmosphere of the day, so think about the tone you’re trying to achieve. If it’s a party atmosphere, for example, live food stations can really create a buzz, with chefs using smoke and fire to cook before guests’ eyes. Or perhaps you want your event to be quite relaxed and informal. Bowl food and ‘serve yourself’ stations are a great way to help everyone relax, mingle and provide conversation starters.

Aims of the Event

While most private events are about celebrating a special day, if organising a corporate function, there may be a specific aim of the day. For example, you could be trying to impress international clients, and therefore, choosing a menu which blends ideas from both their culture and yours can be a great way to build a rapport. Maybe your event is a fundraiser, trying to raise money for a worthy cause. In this case, you may decide that you really want to push the boat out with a champagne reception, canapes and a three-course sit down meal. Ensuring guests feel like they’re having a great night may encourage them to donate more when the time comes.

Personal Touches

When organising an event such as a big birthday or wedding, it’s a time to celebrate with loved ones and ensure your day is as special as possible. In these cases, your food choices can provide personal touches to the day. It’s becoming more popular at weddings, for example, to eat the couple’s favourite dishes such as wood fired pizzas. Or if steak and coffee are two of your passions in life, why not add a twist to your main with something like coffee rubbed beef bavette steak, incorporating the flavours you love.

Got some ideas?

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