When bringing friends and family together for a special occasion such as a wedding, the little details can make a huge difference which is why so many couples look for the perfect wedding food to impress their guests. If you’re planning a wedding in the warmer months of the year and are looking for some inspiration when choosing the perfect menu to complement the season, take a look at our guide to amazing Summer wedding food.

Seasonal Canapes

Wedding catering often starts with guests being offered delicious canapes while they wait for the next part of the day to begin, and they’re usually more than ready for a bite to eat by then. If thinking about Summer canapes, try to incorporate in-season flavours, using fresh food which can be easily grilled, prepared and served fresh to your guests, leaving them excitedly wondering what’s in store for the main event.

Ideal menu ideas…pulled pork mini brioche buns, smoked salmon crostini, grilled scallops, crab cakes

Asado Style Cooking

Summer weddings are ideal for planning elements of ‘outside cooking’ which create a buzz and keep the conversation flowing. For those looking for an alternative to a traditional hog roast or BBQ, Asado-style cooking adds a unique twist to your big day. It involves slow cooking food over an open fire, gently infusing delicate flavours into the meat. Each succulent dish not only provides an impressive sight for guests to watch but injects a touch of Summer magic to proceedings, perfectly served with salsa criolla and flatbreads.

Ideal menu ideas…saltmarsh lamb served with chimichurri

Sharing Platters

Wedding guests often love the informal side of wedding food, enjoying experiences which bring out the more social aspect of being at such a special event such as a wedding. Create excitement at your tables with sharing platters which are fun to serve and help guests create a plate of food which is perfect for their own tastes and appetites

Ideal menu ideas…Summer salads, roasted meat, flatbreads

Summer Desserts

There’s a reason why summer weddings are so popular, and that’s because the food, colours and atmosphere radiate warmth, relaxation and some of the more enjoyable aspects of the year from mouth-watering BBQs to flavours which refresh the palette. For those with a sweet tooth, Summer is the right time to give a fruity twist to desserts. Strawberry, mango and lime are all popular for adding tangy flavours to your Summer menu, complementing the rest of your dishes perfectly. You can even expand on these ideas if serving up cocktails at your event.

Ideal menu ideas…Eton mess, strawberries and cream, mango ice cream, mojitos

Wood Fired Snacks

Anyone who’s been to a wedding knows how peckish you can get as the night draws in, especially for those with an evening invite who may not have been able to enjoy the food served earlier in the day. Wood fired food such as Neapolitan pizzas are a great idea for a wedding snack, providing fast, convenient options when people want them which are still melt in the mouth delicious while fitting in with a Summer wedding theme.

Ideal menu ideas…..wood fired Neapolitan pizzas

Feeling inspired?

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