As the weather warms up, many of us start planning Summer events which means finding the right food and BBQ ideas to ensure our party is a hit. Here are some of our top tips for adding seasonal flavours into your party menus to make the most out of the taste of Summer.

Planning Summer party food? Read our event catering guide for some top tips. Includes outdoor cooking advice, in-season summer ingredients & adding some heat to your menu. Create your summer menu for Surrey & London events.

The Great Outdoors

Each season isn’t just about how food tastes, but the feeling you get throughout the cooking experience. In Summer, our senses and passion for food are ignited all the more when it takes place outside, whether it’s tasting the delights of popular street food or listening to meat sizzling on the grill. Nothing beats the true feeling of Summer like seeing meat roasted slowly over a fire, the sounds and aromas which come through having a closer connection to food as it cooks and the resulting flavours which emulate outdoor cooking. If you’re planning a Summer party, think about outdoor event catering and the enhanced experience it will provide for your guests.

In Season Ingredients

It wouldn’t be Summer without taking advantage of ingredients which have finally come into season, and there’s plenty to add to your party menus. It’s easy to blend together flavours such as in-season meats (saltmarsh lamb) or seafood (crab, mackerel, salmon and tuna) with those herbs, spices and vegetables which are bursting with flavour at this time of year. Think salads with lettuce, tomatoes, watermelon, watercress and potatoes and how you can use in-season vegetables. Roasted carrots are lovely at this time of year, but you could provide a mix of flavours with vegetable skewers (using ingredients such as courgettes and aubergine). On the dessert side, select fruit such as apricots, strawberries, raspberries, peaches and currants which are packed full of seasonal flavour.

Summer Heat

In the Summer, we often like to add some heat to our food with fiery spices and chilli. One of the best additions to your menu is to cut through this with cooler, seasonal flavours. You could combine ingredients to make a zesty slaw or even use as a single dressing or marinade. Fennel and mint are great additions, and beetroot tastes delicious roasted alongside fish such as salmon. Crème Fraîche works well as a sour cream option, and you can even use fruit to make fresh tasting dips, including mango which pairs perfectly with chilli and coriander. Garlic starts to come into season from June, so think about adding to anything from your roast potatoes to grilled prawns.

Create Your Summer Party Menu

Here at With Fire, we use smoke and fire to cook delicious food for events across Surrey, London and Hampshire. We love authentic food cooked over a real fire, using seasonal ingredients. If you’d like help with your Summer party catering and putting together a menu which is perfect for this time of year, speak to our friendly team now on 07825 533440.