Easter is a great time to organise an event, whether it’s a large get together, family days out or outdoor activities to enjoy the warmer Spring weather. If you’re looking for event food to spice up this year’s Easter celebrations, here are some top tips to think about.

Planning menus for your Easter event? Grab some expert advice about easy hosting, in-season ingredients, outdoor catering & thinking outside the box. Includes tips for attracting the crowds when looking for external caterers.Easy Hosting

How many times do you offer to host family and loved ones, only to end up not fully enjoying celebrations yourself? One of the best ways to ensure you don’t miss out is to hire an external caterer for your private gatherings. This is great if you’re coming together as a larger group, making it a time to remember rather than being tied to chef duties all day.

Outdoor Catering

If the weather is a little sunnier, Easter is the perfect time to think about anything from a delicious gourmet BBQ to easy street food style dishes. One of the best parts about Spring is being able to enjoy outdoor spaces to their fullest, and this includes the sights, sounds and aromas which come with cooking in the open air. Imagine an Easter that’s filled with memories of sizzling dishes, smoke and fire, not to mention the excitement it creates on the day.

Attracting Crowds

If you’re an event organiser or venue trying to draw in visitors over the Easter break, ensuring you provide great food options is a sure fire way to attract more people. If you’re hosting family themed events such as Easter trails, egg hunts and fun activities, think about hiring an outdoor caterer who can rustle up some delights for everyone attending. You can even look for a company who place importance on building a buzz at the event with their style of cooking.

Twist on the Roast

While many concentrate on a traditional roast at Easter, why not consider some alternatives? Think whole lambs roasted with some fresh herbs and slow-cooked over a fire, mixed vegetable salads using ingredients which have just come in-season and incorporating Easter spices and flavours into your desserts, including nutmeg, cinnamon, currants and candied citrus peel.

In-Season Ingredients

Easter often signals the start of Springtime, so flowers are coming into bloom, everything feels more colourful, and you can think about this when choosing your menus. Fruit and vegetables such as apricots, spring greens, asparagus, carrots, spring onions, rhubarb, savoy cabbage, watercress, spinach, peppers and cauliflowers (to name a few of the options) are bursting of flavour at this time of year. If looking for fish and meat coming into season, crab and lamb are great choices.

Create memories with delicious food at family events this Easter.

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