Planning a corporate event can be stressful if you don’t know where to start, but a BBQ is a great idea if looking to organise your event in the summer. Whether it’s to boost office morale or you’re planning a fundraiser, a BBQ event is a fantastic way to create a good atmosphere and take advantage of the season, even if you’re hosting inside. Rather than sticking to the usual options, here are some ideas to help you organise a corporate summer barbecue with a difference.

Using Food to Break the Ice

Corporate events can often feel a little stuffy, especially if the aim of the day isn’t to socialise but entertain clients or network. Even if you’re among colleagues you know, it can feel awkward to mingle with them when suddenly not in an office setting, so you want your food options and serving styles to help break the ice and help everyone relax and enjoy the day. A great idea is to create a focal point of the food, whether it’s beautifully presented serving stations or even live BBQ cooking using smoke and fire to get everyone talking and mouths watering.

Unique Menu Options

In the summer, it’s easy to get bored with your bog standard sausages and burgers that we can all easily cook at home. Why not help your staff feel valued by treating them to food they may not have tried before. Experienced BBQ caterers will offer varied menus to choose from, including global cuisines and cooking styles which make their food to die for. Imagine a whole lamb slow cooked for hours until it’s ready to fall off the bone, delicious meats which have been roasted with smoky Argentine rubs or Picanha beef steaks full of flavour. Speak to your caterer about the different styles of cooking they offer.

Themed BBQs

Creating a theme adds the fun factor to any event, whatever the tone of the day. Think about appropriate venues and how many guests will attend. For example, for an intimate office BBQ, hiring a rooftop terrace or a smaller private space is a good choice. You can also enhance a theme through the style of BBQ food selected. If you want to keep things simple while still creating a BBQ to remember, consider a gourmet burger bar, wood fired pizza station or a specific cuisine such as American low and slow BBQ. You could even go for street food style serving if you’d like to create an informal atmosphere where guests can choose when and how much they eat. BBQ food can even work well for sit-down corporate dinners, with an experienced caterer able to offer impressive ways to present the food to each table.

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