In the UK, we love the food and cooking styles of other cultures and nations, but when it comes to barbecue food, we tend to be a little unadventurous. However, there are some popular methods which you may have seen wowing guests at events, bringing an Argentine flavour to cooking which delights anyone from wedding guests to corporate clients.

But what is Asado style cooking and where are the best places to serve it?

Cooking with Fire

Forget about conventional BBQ-style cooking using gas. An Argentine Asado uses fire and wood to slowly cook food in the open air. Depending on the method used by the chef, you’ll often get a crisp, smoky exterior when roasting meats in this way, followed by juicy, succulent textures on the inside which are full of flavour. The technique uses a cross-shaped spit which angles the meat over the wood, easily reversing to place different parts of the meat over the hottest areas of the grill. Meats which are great to cook in the Asado way include whole lamb which can be slow cooked for about 8 hours to infuse delicate flavours and ensure the meat falls off the bone when served for a melt in the mouth experience to die for.

Perfect Accompaniments

One of the best Argentine recipes to enhance the flavour of your lamb or other grilled meats is fresh chimichurri sauce. It contains ingredients such as garlic, parsley and dried oregano, as well as olive oil and red wine vinegar to perfectly complement the taste of the Asado cooked meat. The sauce can be basted or brushed over the lamb as it slowly cooks, but can also be served as a side condiment. Once the meat is ready to be served, it goes perfectly with salsa criolla which is made using tomatoes, red peppers, onion, oil and vinegar, giving guests at any event a dish to ignite the taste buds. Serve in flatbreads to help everyone enjoy the pure taste of the Asado cooked meat with Argentine sauces.

Wowing Guests at Events

Cooking with smoke and fire isn’t just a treat for the senses. It’s also visually entertaining which makes it the perfect idea for any outdoor events you’re organising, including corporate functions and parties for a special occasion. It’s an inspired choice if putting together a Summer wedding menu, creating a talking point and a buzz while your family and friends await their meal. The aromas, visual delights and excitement involved with Asado style cooking is one of the great pleasures of the tradition, not to mention the rewards at the end.

Feeling in the mood for party food to remember?

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