Organising a wedding can take a lot of planning, and when you go to meet with any potential service providers, it’s important to go prepared. Many couples know some of the more obvious questions to ask their wedding caterer such as ‘can we see menus?’, ‘can you tell us a little more about yourself?’, ‘are you free on our wedding date?’ and ‘when can we try some samples?’. However, the truth is, most caterers will discuss these aspects with you anyway, and you’ll often find the information on their website. Therefore, take the time to think about some of the less obvious questions that will really help you make the right choices and create a menu that’s out of this world.

Don’t miss out on asking some of these essential questions to your caterer.

Wedding caterer guides - the essential questions you don't want to forget

Do you have any speciality dishes?

This is a great way to try some of the best food the caterer can provide, especially if you don’t have any specific ideas in mind. It could be anything from a signature dish to a cooking style or international cuisine.

How can we customise our menu?

So many couples automatically accept the set menu put before them, but this is often only an example of the type of food the caterer can provide. Let your caterer know some of your ideas, even if it’s just your theme or atmosphere you want to create, helping to personalise your menu.

Where do you source your ingredients from?

This will give you an indication of the quality of the food provided, including whether it’s locally sourced, fresh and in-season. The best caterers will let you know how the ingredients they use achieve tastier results.

How is food presented?

Ask to see examples of the various ways that dishes can be presented, ensuring your food doesn’t just taste amazing but looks enticing for guests too.

Can you recommend a menu perfect for our venue?

If you’re struggling to find an event theme, food which is ideal for your venue is a great place to start, adding extra special touches to the day.

Are there informal or evening options?

If a three-course wedding breakfast isn’t your style or you’d like evening snacks to incorporate the food you love, ask your wedding caterer about some of their non-conventional options. They may have some great ideas you hadn’t thought about.

How does it work on the day?

Save stress by asking about logistics. Your caterer will usually be happy to liaise with your venue and ensure they have everything required on the day. Always check what’s included in the package, including crockery and cutlery, as well as confirming who will serve the food.

Feel more prepared?

If you’re looking for a wedding caterer, here at With Fire, we specialise in cooking over smoke and fire, creating food sensations that go down a treat at events across Surrey, South London and Hampshire. Contact our team to book your consultation now.