A lot of planning goes into organising a wedding, and the food served is something which is important to most couples, providing a delicious meal for those guests who have come to support you on your big day.

While some places offer onsite catering, many others need to look for their own caterer once they’ve found their perfect venue. It can be tricky trying to locate the perfect match when looking for a wedding caterer who fulfils your needs, so here are a few of our top tips to help you find the right one.

Bespoke Menus

Look for a wedding caterer who is flexible to your needs, building upon your own ideas for your wedding food and incorporating your event theme into menu options. Menus can be tailored around your vision for the day, and a good wedding caterer will make an effort to understand the atmosphere you’re trying to create. Not every couple dreams about a three course sit-down meal, so if you want to add a unique twist to the wedding, a caterer should use their industry knowledge to create the wow factor with food which will have everyone talking.

Quality Ingredients

Every bride and groom wants to look around at their wedding and see the satisfied faces of their loved ones after eating scrumptious food. Ask your caterer where they source their ingredients from. Fresh, local produce is the ideal way to introduce seasonal flavours into your wedding menu, adding delicate flavours to enhance the theme throughout your day.

Providing the Overall Experience

Talking to your potential wedding caterer is the best way to get a feel for what they’re like to work with, their reliability and how much they care about the overall enjoyment of the guest experience. The right caterer will want to know about your ideas, how they can meet your needs and will go above and beyond to create stress-free catering – something which anyone planning a wedding will appreciate!

The Proof Is in the Pudding

While conversations can help you find the best wedding caterer for you, the proof really does lie in the actual food created. Ask questions about how the food will be served, look at photographs of possible presentations and any serving suggestions they have. Some caterers also offer a tasting session or can provide example menus and testimonials from other satisfied couples. Do your research to ensure they are creating a menu you’re happy with which enhances everyone’s experience on the day.

Looking for a wedding caterer?

Here at With Fire, we specialise in event catering across Surrey and London, working closely with couples to find a menu which will more than delight your guests. Practising in the art of cooking with smoke and fire, we understand precisely how to create a buzz on your day which fits in with the atmosphere you want to create. Get in touch by giving our friendly team a call on 07825 533440 to discuss your ideas.